Some very old – and finished items

I am going down memory lane here… these socks are ancient – I mean they are about 30 years old, I am not joking! And the yarn has got it’s own story. When I got the knitting bug, nearly 40 years ago, I started buying these yarns in the local shop near my parent’s summer cottage (in Sweden). I just loved the colors. They are really thin cotton, I think I knitted these on 2 1/2 mm needles. And every year there were different colors, so as soon as we got to the cottage, I really wanted to go to town to find out what colors there were this year! Simple pleasures!

And please don’t ask where the pattern came from – I think someone I met on the train had a jumper with that pattern, or even socks, and I just copied it there and then, thank you very much, and got down to it… needless to say that I have not worn these much. They are actually not that comfy and they are obviously much too precious to wear, so they are tucked away  in some drawer… hey – just get them out and wear them, they should not be tucked away another 30 years!

Hang on… who?…what?…

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