Dr Sustainable!

I heard about The Clothing Exchange some time ago – and forgot all about it again… there is a clothes swap in Waverley THIS Thursday night! Check out the details here.

What a wonderful idea – you grab 6 of your good quality garments that you don’t wear anymore and swap them for something new and spunky! The Clothing Exchange is the brainchild of Kate Luckins, who now has got her PhD in “sustainable lifestyle” –  here is the outline of her thesis: “This research identifies how some young people are discontent with the consumerist status quo and as such, are seeking to adopt alternative, sustainable lifestyles. To gain insights into the sustainable lifestyles of young people, fourteen individuals committed to sustainable living (aged 18-35 years) are interviewed in-depth. Their stories are analysed and constructed into lifestyle portraits.” I would love reading this whole thesis some time!

I like a lot what she has got to say. We have got everything we need, don’t we? Why have more, more, more all the time? Having more rarely makes us more happy. Here we go again, my stashless life is very straightforward and happy. As I started this blog, I was wondering  whether I should not say at all that I use a lot of old garments in my quilts, that I recycle old clothes – would people think I am just stingy and boring, would I be more funky, would my quilts be held in higher esteem if  I  said “Vintage, darling, vintage!“. On second thoughts – no, no no no. A lot of my materials are pre- loved, they are old clothes, I fully support sustainability and I am proud of it.

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