Mr Fox is off to Sea!

Guess what happened in the back garden, whilst our family was enjoying a day out on the water yesterday?

What do you see here?

I see a fox watching some pirates in a pond!

And here? I see a puzzled duck who sees the fox that is watching pirates in a pond!

They are setting sail! Here we have cabin boy Tom in the crows nest and captain Pugwash and his mates at the helm, yes, they are definitely off…

And what does Mr Fox have to do with all this?

Have a close look: nice new jumper Mr Fox, I do like the detail that accommodates your bushy tail! And look at the nicely set in sleeves. But what is that in your ear, Mr Fox? Not an earring? Are you off to sea then? I hope that you are not counting on the Black Pig moving anywhere fast…

Bye, Mr Fox, you really are setting out to find a wife, sorry I have not been fast enough to get you one, as promised. Send us a postcard from your adventures soon! And good luck!

2 thoughts on “Mr Fox is off to Sea!

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