A New and Finished Object!

Hi there again, I now have a number of followers for my blog (I have lost count – was it 4 or 5???) and will take the blog updates very seriously!

Here is my new seamless jacket! I started it a week before Christmas, because it was just to cold here! I found the pattern on Ravelry: (“Star Cross’d Love” by Kristina Sutherland). I made a number of changes, since I only had 500gr in my stash (yes, my minimal STASH) and I even wrote down the pattern! Off the top of my head, I cannot recall the name of the yarn, nor the needle size – but since all that is on my pattern, it’s on record in a safe place. I will try to work out how to attach Word Documents to my posts or may be to pages… if I fail to achieve this altogether, please feel free to email me for the pattern.

The seamlessness of the jacket happens as one (1) first knits the front body parts (slim pieces either side of the collar) then (2) the back back of the body (3) you sew the shoulder (ok, there are two little seams in the jacket) (4) then you pick up the stitches for the collar and knit the collar (5) pick up the stitches for the peplum and knit that as long as you like (6) pick up the stitches for the sleeves and knit them on sock needles! Doesn’t take long!

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