To stash or not to stash, that is the question – reflections of a recovered stashoholic

I am ok now when entering a wool shop, a fabric shop; even when a sale is on, really. It has taken years, though… Now I am even a really well sought after companion to join certain friends for a trip to the Craft Exhibition in Darling Harbour. Last year I saved Sue hundreds of dollars… This is how I did it – I closely watched her eyes, and when they stopped focusing, started staring in the distance, that was for me the sign of the first symptom. Other symptoms that followed quickly were (1) quick grabbing movements with both hands for the objects of her desire (2) throwing her bag at me to look after, so she could grab some more and finally (3) a muttering of “I really need this” or “I have been looking for this forever”. There was no way for me to put a stop to any stashitis attacks, unless I intervened instantly when I saw her eyes getting that look. But many times I got in there just before the attack was in full flight . I would have to position my body firmly between her and the object – get her attention by looking me in the eye and get her to answer my standard stashitis first aid questions: “WHAT are you going to use this for?”, “Are you sure you have nothing at all like this in your stash at home?”, and so on… It did not feel great to get between her and the bliss of wool stashing, I felt such a spoilsport… but she was incredibly grateful when we walked out of there, called me a true friend!

See these yarns, very yummy. It is just a great feeling not having to own them!

It’s a sense of freedom I feel now, that I can just look at stuff and not having to have it! I’d love those yarns, sure – I can just see a great Fair Isle jumper for myself! I may even go to the shop to get them when I have finished everything in the cue…

It’s the same with fabric. I have my favorites, I’d say any lovely color linen – I just buy them because they will always come in handy. And I may buy bits here and there in the sale – that’s it; that’s my “stash” – two cardboard boxes: one with solid linens, one with bits. So may be that’s why my quilts all have the same look?!?!? In a way I am on that calico & scrappy wave at the moment. I am looking forward to really finish everything I have on the go at the moment and design something with great care, and then set out to indulge in the choosing and buying of the material.

(BTW – I still suffer the odd pang when I see some stashes… but it never last long)

3 thoughts on “To stash or not to stash, that is the question – reflections of a recovered stashoholic

  1. This is really great Swantje! The wool is SO beautiful and it’s easy to see the love affair with it but would she have really used it? How great that you are so observant and see the tell tale signs in her body language.

  2. Hi Swantje
    I love your new Blog but miss not catching up with you at the Epping Group for knitting on a Monday morning !
    It is great to see the wonderful and creative things you are doing with your time and I adored the fox and pirate story – pure childish paradise !
    Story about you and Sue at Darling Harbour is also a chestnut !
    Hope to catch up one day before long
    Katherine Ireland x

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