Quick Quilt and Slow Quilt

Welcome! Here you see a picture of a ‘quick quilt’ – just some machined samples (which I made for a series of classes) sewn together, (soon to be) bound and quilted. I was dubious whether it was going to work; I was going to christen it “Off The Record” –  but I actually rather like it. It will go definitely on record!

It measures about 90 x 120 cm and I filled it with a firm polyester wadding, so my niece can throw it in the washing machine as may times as she needs to, when her (soon to be born) second child will start using it.

And here we have ‘slow quilt’ – it actually didn’t take that long… (maybe I should start writing down starting and completion dates…), but it is hand sewn, using the English paper piecing technique . I used calico for the hexagons and any old fabric petals. I mean any old fabric – shirts, skirts, sheets, and of course some fancy stuff. I filled it with 100% wool. I know, I know, it’s Australia and it is supposed to be hot, but how nice is this to quilt? Like a dream.

I am quilting it with pearl cotton (cream) – just the outlines of the petals and the inner hexagon of the flowers. Every other calico hexagon gets a nice flower with five petals (green/ grey); have a look in the photo below.

Now, this is obviously unfinished, and something exiting is going to happen in the border, watch this space

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