Just draw your own conclusions…

… on where my priorities may lay… I give up being “grown up”…

The kids are like ants… two more days of school. “Can I go out?”, “Am I free tomorrow?”, “Have we got anything on on Wednesday?”, “Oh, but I am NOT free, mum – I have made arrangements!!!”… they are all over the place. And me? Just the same… parties, friends over… piles of paperwork… dog has got a sore paw… I lost half a tooth… getting new glasses by the end of the year for everybody… tidying up work accounts… HEAPS of ‘just before Christmas things’ to do…


And my priorities are fairly clear set. Leave the kitchen, deary… get the teenagers to deal with it. Make samples for the sewing classes for the textileshedcollective and for TAFE.


And with 4 kids in 4 schools … the odds are that we DO have to attend some of the presentation mornings….DSCN9247 DSCN9254

Getting Lena’s dress finished (bugger… that second fitting did reveal some necessary alterations) …DSCN9256

And instead of really ploughing through my “TO DO” list (which is growing by the hour!!!) like a grown up, I just love just flaking out with all that giggly folk, planning their yr 6 formal garb and hair, nail extensions, dressing their boyfriends in their junior school dresses, making egg and bacon butties at crack of dawn for young men setting out on a canyoning trip with Patrick to the Blue Mountains and so forth. I JUST LOVE IT.

And having my beloved father in law for 3rd advent afternoon tea, in our home! Priceless…DSCN9239

No complaints at all – I am just scared of dropping balls… but that is just me in my bubble… my heart goes out to the victims of the Martin Place hostage drama here in Sydney… and I pray my atheist prayers for the muslim community – that they may not have to suffer any of those terrible religiously motivated backlashes… Amen.

Got it!

I got the job! I will be teaching first semester at TAFE – textiles and fashion. Only one class… only 4 hours per week… but I am beside myself. The nicest thing in the interview was that they simply thought my enthusiasm for what I do was going to be infecting the students. I think that is pretty much unavoidable. Glad that they spotted that straight away… have a great weekend all!DSCN9215

Surviving Mid-December very nicely

We are all stressed in December, right? My policy of not joining any kind of Christmas party has probably paid off – I am staying in a fairly festive mood, and am not totally run off my feet. Though – it is busy… I am organising a big event that finally ‘eventuates’ tomorrow, then there are Lena’s leaving party, other parties catching up with friends, public lectures on Bioethics, presentation evenings and mornings at various educational institutions, a job interview (YES! I have got an interview to teach textiles/ fashion for 6 months!), free tickets to see Bangara Dance company… thank GOD we eliminated those Christmas parties.

The annual real estate event has come and gone and will be repeated before Christmas, no doubt, because there are so many mouths to feed.DSCN9236

We have been watching many Australian movies to educate Lena, there are 12 more on my list (and only 17 nights to go), but I doubt we will manage to see them all… There has been plenty of sewing, especially amusing has been the creation of a stocking advent calender… I have had this idea for years, but it has always been too much work. So now the kids can sew and they started late November… but then lost enthusiasm. Now we always play ‘catch up’ – when we have nearly reached the date we make a few more, otherwise there will be no surprise in the morning… so we just hang them up at the house entrance, pinned to the hessian wall paper.


I have been digging out books because I have been so inspired by planning those sewing classes and loved using the new space…  DSCN9218

DSCN9219DSCN9220On the weekend I have made some dresses with Anita and Lena and realized that those would probably be a little time consuming and difficult even for intermediate seamstresses… And much to my surprise I keep finding interesting ‘stuff’ that I think is really suitable to teach in classes, like this cushion that Marlena made aaaages ago:Minas cushion


I hope you all keep your sanity in this busy time of year… put yourselves first, and all will be good!

In the Mood

I have to admit that I am in the mood this year, really in the mood for Christmas, despite the heat and the lack of snow and darkness. Not sure why. Maybe because the Christmas Pixies have made themselves at home here this year? They just appeared on an empty shelf one morning.DSCN9201DSCN9199

So last Sunday we had a little ‘advent’ platter and shared it with Clare & Tony and their sons, since their youngest is heading for South America for 2 months.DSCN9189

The girls stayed at home and enjoyed their own feast.DSCN9188

Decorations have appeared. I found these table decorations we made for the Christmas feast at our house last year. Easy – just a bit of cardboard, felt and a selection of buttons. DSCN9209

I love them, actually. And with Ruth’s Santa candles from last year it is an effective little arrangement, eh? DSCN9210

We also got a ‘real’ tree for Patrick’s father who has been in a nursing home for a few months now. We have been unable to visit him for 10 days for reasons outside our control – anyway, it will be lovely to see him on Monday and give him his mini tree which the girls decorated this morning.

This morning – not sure what happened. Everybody was up at crack of dawn… getting their hair done Katniss style, jumping, giggling and even getting some of the chores done!DSCN9193DSCN9195DSCN9196

So I don’t really like the idea of Lena going home. Sure, lovely to have only 3 kids in 3 schools, BUT I will certainly miss her dry humour and straight approach to life… and a bit of support for the German culture in our household. With her here, we were still in the minority, but at least we were 1/3 of the population… now I will be back to 1/5… We have a bit of a ‘bucket list’ before she goes home on Christmas Eve. Surfing lessons, Shopping sessions, Farewell parties with girlfriends, Farewell party with fellow sailors, sewing a red dress, watching so many more lovely Australian Movies! We watched Red Dog tonight… oh boy, it is sooo sad, but sooo wonderful.

And a strange bird appeared on the banister…DSCN9203


This is One Lovely Blog!

This blog has been ticking along quietly for nearly 3 years, without much excitement, just a personal tool for reflection on life, outdoor adventures and my passion of all things textile. Thank you so much, Dre at Grackle and Sun, for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award. I humbly accept this honor.

Now to the formalities (rules):

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Include seven delightful facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award. (This is where I fail horribly… I don’t KNOW 15 blogs, because I knit and sew wayyy toooo much…hope 7 is ok)
  5. Follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven delightful facts about myself:

1. I was a terrible teenager (really shocking) and somehow turned into a reasonable citizen in the end, I try to keep that in mind as all my kinds have entered that stage in their lives…

2. My love for sailing came about through my husband so much hoping our kids would get into it… I got the opportunity to crew a boat and gave it a go – mainly because I thought my kids may get into it by my leading the way and because I love the captain and his wife. And now I have to truly add it to my passions… strange but true.

3. At work, people think of me as a diligent administrator, being the herder of highly intelligent people and organiser many significant projects and events… at home, I do forget to empty the letterbox and to take my kids to their friends’ birthday parties… oops.

4. I only ever published one academic paper, on Logic – if I read it now, I wouldn’t have a clue what that was about.

5. I am content! Why is that strange or delightful? I used to be such a restless soul moving from one country to the next, learning new languages, finding new dentists and setting up tax file numbers and bank accounts… and I am just so happy now where I am and who I am with – I’d never want to be 30 again…

6. At this point in life, I don’t mind tidying up my house… this is a huge surprise to me!

7. When I grow up, I want to be a… I still am not sure, actually…

Here are some blogs I love and would like to nominate for the One Lovely Blog award – do have a look at these!

whatiamuptotoday has got a really original voice and perspective on live – an eye for detail for the ‘small’ things, the things that really matter. And of course plenty of knitting and tales about his pets…

A room of my own is the most compelling blog I have come across – it is so very honest and personal and unbelievably well written. A wonderful woman sharing what is really happening, no nonsense commentary on life how it really is. I commend you for your open reflections and get much inspiration from sharing all your posts!

All She Wants to do is Knit is an obvious blog to like – so much knitting going on and such a fun outlook on life… I really enjoy following this one!

Knitted Notes or ‘Knitting and blogging in Italy in times of economic crisis’ is the best blog EVER for beautifully designed and knitted garments with wonderful details. And there are savvy political comments on the crisis in Italy, as well as fabulous reviews of wonderful movies. This is a seriously visually stunning blog. And all of the posts are bilingual!

Worsted is a stunning blog by a master knitter who is also an amazing wordsmith and who can take beautiful photos! I admire his knitting and design skills and would love to see more frequent posts!

Pikkukiisken kotona is an amazing blog about treasures found on flea markets, fabric design and superb retro interior design on a serious budget. I love what this lady with 4 wee kids can do! It’s in Finnish – but hey, just select ‘translate this page’ and you are on your way!

Write or Wrong is an amazingly well written blog by a lady who thinks out aloud about everything that life throws at her! An enjoyable read!

Here we go, let’s have a toast to my little textileshed’s award… Many thanks again!










DSCN9172I am not shedding my skin, my hair or anything else … it’s just that I spend a lot of time in the new shed. Would that activity be called ‘shedding’? If I am not altering Esther’s new dress or continuing saving/ quilting that ancient cushion cover, I am sorting, folding, re-boxing… and often somebody just joins me in shedding and just asks me “how to do… this or that…” and that is just so good quality time.DSCN9177

But when not shedding, I have been cooking: muffins and buns and Lena made Chocolate Mousse.   DSCN9160DSCN9164

And this is the funniest thing I have seen in ages – look how Lena separates eggs! The empty water bottle sucks the yolk out of the bowl!!!DSCN9168DSCN9171DSCN9169

Great weekend…


Stones … Stones…. YES… Rolling Stones… me and Patrick and Amelia and Adrian… at the Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley – what an excursion that was! Left the kids to cook dinner for Sue and Michael and off we went. It’s a hoot – 20 years ago I refused to see “those old codgers” in London, and here we are. Mick is just as he was 40 yrs ago, some others look much worse for wear, but they did keep the beat, the show and the groove…

So all things epic and grand in my life? Well, this 2 m pizza certainly was… and no, many helped to eat it, it was not just consumed by Patrick and Sue! And the occasion? Well, the final performance of ‘Hook’ at Esther’s primary school. She was an amazing stage manager, not missing a beat!


And there is some really really exiting news… another blog… simply for the purpose of marketing and advertising my classes to be run this school holidays! It’s found here http://textileshedcollective.wordpress.com/ and very much a work in progress. The room downstairs is just about ready… and I am busy making patterns, sorting fabric, sewing samples and waiting what happens next! I leave you with a few random images of ‘stuff’ that’s passed through my hands lately … without any further explanation…

DSCN9146 DSCN9152DSCN9144DSCN9158 This needs a little comment: a friend from work (English National Opera) found this at Portobello Rd at the market for me… it’s been traveling with me ever since. I think it will finally get it’s own frame and place in my new shed!