Everything depends on how you are looking at it… how we feel often depends on the contexts we chose to view our our lives in. Same happens with sculptures. We had the annual pilgrimage to Sculpture by the Sea on the weekend.

Here we have a strangely contorted sculpture.DSCN9128

Ah – viewed from this way it’s clearly something very intelligent, two strong earthy things connecting…DSCN9129

Looking at it from here… it must be love…DSCN9130 (congratulations Lucy and Peter!)

And here is my personal favorite from this years sculptures:DSCN9132


Power, Pride and Pretty

We had dinner on the verandah last night… and felt that we were being watched… and so we were… there was a baby Powerful Owl sitting in the branches of the Angophra tree – for aaages! I rang my boss quickly – she lives nearby and is an ‘owl monitor’. Boy, she was impressed!DSCN9082

Pride is coming out, go watch it, treat yourself to an amazing comedy. How do I know it’s amazing? Well, it is based on a real story my London friend Jonathan was involved in. And I saw the trailer. And I know the cast is great… so – can’t wait to go asap!

Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 6.14.15 AM

I have been so exhausted. I had a huge week at work, I am trying to see my father in law as often as I can, the fridge forever needs re-stocking (although – now that it is warmer, we don’t seem to go through quite as much nosh). And my answer to exhaustion is… creating something beautiful, quickly! So I took Esther to Lincraft to get a pattern for a pretty dress and some fabric. They did have the fabric, but none of the patterns we wanted. Pooh. So we thought “BLAST THIS” and we went on to Kinokunya and got some pattern books. While we were there, we found of course all sorts of other interesting reading and carried back to the car an armful of literature… something for everybody.

And then I just got started. I drafted a block for the bodice while Esther was shooting hoops at her basketball game, adapted it, cut the lining, fitted the lining upon her return… cut, sew finish and voila – there is is. Pretty as a picture! DSCN9116 DSCN9117In hindsight – I should have made the waist much smaller, but I thought she might have thought of the shape being ‘too feminine’… but I was wrong. There is still plenty of fabric in my boxes and now I have got the pattern, so no worries, we will make another one soon.

We moved the kids bedrooms around. Last week all of us helped shift, clean and paint. This weekend we lugged the furniture back and forth and we are nearly there. Lena and Jo are sharing the room downstairs. It’s so tiny, it’s so cute. Snow white’s  seven dwarf’s cave comes to mind…DSCN9118


Twilight Sailing is in full swing. I did one Wednesday with David and Michael, last week I copped out because of storm and a blown up car (those two went anyway…) and today Esther and Lena came as well. Jo stayed at Sue’s to cook dinner for the entire crew.

There was a fair bit of wind at the start …DSCN9060

…and then it all calmed down and we had the opportunity to take some photos.DSCN9065DSCN9052

Little did we know that Sue and Jo had gotten into the car and driven to watch the race… but we were VERY far away… still – here are some shots.

Barubi in the sun.Barubi

Barubi in front of the Bridge with loud hooting tanker (that’s us, second from the left!).Barubi in front of Harbour Bridge

Barubi with lot’s of other boats.Barubi with lot's of boats under Bridge

Twilight… DSCN9070

… and then home to a wonderful dinner – we could do a lot worse on a Wednesday night!



Room with a View

There was an amazing storm last night – the light was magic… “like in the movies”!DSCN9023

We are having the floors sanded in the rumpus room. This means the big teenager has to move out of his private retreat for one week. We moved all furniture and his belongings out on the deck. He politely declined moving upstairs temporarily… he had set up a Room with a View just behind the BBQ and the beehives – bedside table and light fitting included… Necessity is the Mother of Invention!DSCN9037

… more, higher, better, faster

School’s back, after a really nice and mellow holiday… I am back at work… as a family, we have experienced some stressful time. My father in law has been relocated into a nursing home – which is a huge adjustment for him, of course, but the rest of the family goes through some major adjustments as well… In addition, my mother in law had a terrible fall, subsequent surgery etc… so all of a sudden all of us carry a major responsibility in addition to ‘just the usual stuff’, which seems – on a regular day – just plenty enough. Nevertheless… life goes on and it is so important to see all the beauty in the everyday.

MORE I did put my hands up to do a few costumes for the school play… and I did know that I would most likely end up doing 3 times as many as I originally volunteered for. Yes, of course that eventuated… but it’s been lovely to host sewing bees here at our home to set up production lines for Indian girls, mermaid tails and Hook…

Patrick made an awesome canon for the play. There was the smell of burnt wood, machine oil, spray paint… I think he may well still add some flash/ bang/ smoke effect for when it goes off in the play… I am holding my breath!!!DSCN9020

I get a lot of nice ideas for knitting and patchwork, but have to restrict myself to sketch and make samples… no time right now…none… not a moment.DSCN9018

Work has been huge fun. All the qualitative data (interviews) I have been transcribing and coding over the last 6 months is coming together, since I am preparing a workshop and a paper on consent in surgical innovation with a colleague. It is very much like a patchwork top that is been put together and then quilted… endless bits of information starting to make sense and creating a bigger picture that informs us about the core issues and hopefully can contribute to the discussion about best practice, future policy and regulation.119731_600

HIGHER The one thing Lena really wanted to do in the holidays was climb the Harbour Bridge. I thought this was a nice idea, so I promised Lena and Jo they could do it. Little did I know that 14 year olds need an adult to go with them… urgh… moi… I had done it 10 years ago and didn’t enjoy the experience at all, I was just so scared! But this was entirely different. We went early one clear Sunday morning, before it got hot and we could see the entire world!!! Awesome!DSCN9019

BETTER A real whirlwind change occurred with my oldest child’s schooling. Tuesday afternoon he returned from his first day back at school – deeply unhappy, not being sure how on EARTH he was going to get through his last year at school at that particular institution… no fun, no engagement, no mojo… and within less than 48 hours we had researched, applied, been interviewed AND accepted at a different (a senior) college where 50% of his subjects will be visual art related and where he is the boss and I will retire as his personal ‘whip cracker’… Happy Days. Let’s hope THIS is the right environment for this bright kid to flourish. Go Vincent!!!

FASTER I finally had my first little sail on our own boat yesterday (started Twilight sailing on the Barubi last Wednesday)… so I dressed as I do when I crew on the Barubi… T-shirt, jeans – whatever was I thinking? This little Tasar goes like a rocket, you certainly cannot answer your phone, have a cup of tea or knit a few rows as you wait for the wind to come up. Within no time my bum (which was hanging waaayyyy out there) and the rest of me were klitsch nass (soaking wet) and I kept aaaaaaayyyyyyy:ing and OH NOOOOOOO:ing for the entire duration of the sail, since everything happens very fast on the Sparrow and the BIG DARK water is right there, only a few inches away… ok – yeah – this is not Patrick and myself, since… we didn’t have a camera, nor did we have a free hand to take a photo, but you do get the picture, right???

Walk your dogs, kiss your children, tell your partner you love them, call a friend in need, forgive people who have hurt you, cherish every moment. We are here only once.

Not keeping up at all… but proudly presenting Random Rhythms of my Soul

I love school holidays… so much more time to do stuff, lovely to see how the kids relax and adopt a slower pace that allows them to explore new ideas and things. We have finally left the house on a few occasions, the weather has been glorious and I am determined to get down to doing some (paid) work this week… in the middle of this chilled groovy atmosphere at home that is going to be hard.

So we have been to Kirribilli Market, where Patrick had a performance. DSCN8996DSCN8994

We took the opportunity to walk part of the Harbour Bridge. DSCN9003We had a BBQ at Clifton Gardens with dogs and Lena had her first swim here in Oz. Some of us jumped off the jetty at Redleaf Pool in the Eastern Suburbs, made mermaid tails out of sand, chilled and chilled some more. We marathon watched ‘Dance Academy’ (an entire season in a few days) and squealed with delight as we recognized locations, especially if we had been there already with Lena. And we certainly have not tidied up the lounge room… DSCN9005

oh no – too many works in progress… projects being added daily… floor being used as ‘design wall’ so dogs can participate and roll on quilt layouts and shuffle and ‘improve’ Lena’s design.

And I finished the quilt. Here it is. I am very pleased with it. DSCN9008Random Rhythms of my Soul.